Should Odell Beckham Jr. have apologized to NY Giants owner for his celebration?

Should Odell Beckham Jr have apologized for his celebration?

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- [INAUDIBLE], should Odell have apologized to Mr. Mara for that celebration?

- Look, man-- Odell's a young guy and like a lot of these young guys in the NFL, I don't think they understand their business. They're in business with John Mara. Half or some percentage of NFL revenue-- 49%, 50%-- goes to the players. And so we have this very adversarial thing we want to have with ownership when we're actually in business. And they're paying Odell a lot of money. There's nothing wrong with pleasing ownership from time to time. If they're upset, feel like you've done something wrong, there's no downside to giving the man an apology and saying it won't happen again. That's not a sign of weakness, that's a sign of maturity.

- I mean, an apology is essentially acknowledging poor judgment. I have made it. I'm not going to speak for you but I'll do it again. I mean, that's what an apology is. Like, in the moment, my judgment wasn't great. There is something about being a guy and apologizing and there is a sense that it's a sign of weakness. But what it's really acknowledging is, like everybody else in the moment, I got caught up in my emotions and made a bad decision. That's all it is.

- Only apologize, though, if you mean it. And I don't think he would mean it if he apologized. And did he really do anything wrong? The penalty is the problem but it's not his fault that he got the penalty. That was the ref's decision because here's the thing-- is what he did sexual? Is what he did a weapon? And since when is a dog peeing a terrible thing? He's marking his territory, his territory is the endzone, he's having a good time. I don't see a problem with.

- You're a dog lover, aren't you?

- Well, I do love dogs.

- I love dogs too.

- I like dogs.

- I'm not pleased by urinating.

- It's not a threat.

- That's the overall big question, right? Like, you don't want to set that example for kids watching at home?

- Poor taste.

- Because maybe your kid's going to go and imitate a dog peeing by himself? But that's on the parent. You tell your kid, hey, don't do that.

- It's in poor taste.

- Why?

- It is.

- But where do you draw the line?

- Do you do it? Are you going to do it after the show?

- But that's just not me. My dog is pees all the time and I think it's very cute.

- [INAUDIBLE] is dabbing on people. No, but Christine-- here's why there's a problem with Odell Beckham, OK? So last year, the quarterback, the coach, the GM, the owner all told him, grow up, mature. What does he do the first time he gets in the endzone? He does a stupid celebration. Listen, the Giants are one of the bluebloods of the NFL. They've been around for a long time, won a lot of Super Bowls. That's a proud franchise. They've had good ownership, they're well-run. You don't put yourself above that franchise and that's what he just did. Wait, let me finish-- one last thing.

He said he wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL, right? Who are the two highest paid players? Matthew Stafford, I believe, and Andrew Luck. Can you recall any celebrations the highest paid players in the league have done? This is what this guy wants. He wants to be the highest paid and he wants to act like a clown.

- OK If we're talking about what's in poor taste and what's not in poor taste, I will continue to bring up this argument. You have women on the sidelines dressed in a bra and little tiny outfits dancing sexually to support the men on the field. They're twerking, they're bending over, they're wearing tiny little outfits. Is that not in poor taste to send the message to all the people out there? That it's OK for women to do this and act sexual but the men on the field can't?

- OK, now I'm good with Odell Beckham, really. He can do whatever he wants.

- But you can't have a double standard. We have to make sure that the men are all in good taste and aren't doing anything but the women do whatever because it doesn't matter.

- Well, here's the thing. I think I said this earlier--

- You put me in checkmate there. Go ahead Kyle.

- I think the issue is Michigan football and New York Giants football have probably the oldest fanbases in the country because they've been great forever. And I think there's a little bit of a cultural issue with the Giants right here. They have an old base. This was Andy Rooney-- like, old actors, old businessmen. It really turns them off. For some franchises-- like, Seattle's a new franchise. You go to a Seattle game, they show pictures, everybody is 38 years old.

- You can do this in Jacksonville, it's fine.

- But in New York, I do think the Mara family is like-- they're trapped. He's our best player. He is virtually almost an NBA player in terms of flamboyance and digital empowerment and global recognizability. So I think the Giants have to kind of figure out, this is a weird space for us. Their quarterbacks have been boring Phil Simms and boring Eli Manning and boring Jeff Hostetler.

- Got it.

- They've been a boring franchise.

- I got it. But I've got to go back to Christine's point.

- Be careful.

- No, I'm going to be honest, I'm going to be authentic. Look-- TV, it's a television show.

- It's entertainment.

- No, no-- it's a television show. And we all can not kid ourselves-- sex sells in television and in every part of television. And so I'm not justifying what they're doing because I think you've made an excellent point in pointing out some hypocrisy. But it is TV.

- It is TV and it is entertainment. So I actually have no problem with the women doing that and dressing like that. But then the guy should be able to do it too. It's entertainment, entertain me. I think it's funny. I think the peeing thing was funny.

- It's a television show that's targeted at a certain base.

- And you know one needs to stop? Continuing to tell men that that is OK and that double standard is OK when you have so many men watching.

- We're going to have to have you back tomorrow so I can make better points than you.

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