Is J.D. Martinez the best hitter in MLB?

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J.D. Martinez has been on fire lately. Frank Thomas and Mark Sweeney discuss if he’s the best hitter in all of baseball.

- When I hear you talk about hitting, I listen. And JD Martinez for you is what?

- The best hitter in baseball. And I know that can be debated by a lot of people because there are so many great hitters in this game. But what he's done over the last two years, I would say last three, four years-- his consistency at the plate, .300 hitter, home runs all over the place, driving in big runs.

In baseball the last two years, he's led the league-- he's lead all of baseball in home runs, RBIs, OPS, and total bases. That is the best hitter in baseball, and no one talks about him. This guy-- I'm sorry to put you on front street JD, but it's time to talk about this man as potential league MVP, one of the best players in the game.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Well, here's your point. Since he-- since his season debuted last year-- he missed the first six weeks. He was injured. So he started in Detroit, then traded to Arizona. Now, of course, a free agent with Boston. Frank, to your point, I mean, 58 home runs, 142 RBIs, the OPS over 1,000. It's first in all of those categories. And it's amazing because he got off to a horrid start this year in Boston. And you say he doesn't get the attention. He's playing in Boston. How is this possible?

- It's pretty incredible. I mean, obviously, what-- you go back to Arizona for a little bit. The 29 home runs that he had in that short period of time really catapulted them into have an opportunity. 65 RBIs, only 62 games in a Diamondbacks uniform.

So then going to Boston, where there's more pressure, he steps up and he's actually better. You're seeing him try to carry this offense. He has that ability. That's the reason why I think Frank and I really believe that he is taking that next step. And now, everybody in baseball is aware of how good and how consistent he is.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: It's ama-- it's a bargain right now, I mean, for the Red Sox signing [INAUDIBLE]. This guy is tremendous doing it-- 13 home runs, had tied the league lead until Machado hit one in the ninth inning. He's got eight home runs in the month.