Nick Wright explains why Kevin Durant going to the New York Knicks is a realistic option

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Nick Wright discusses Kevin Durant and the idea of him playing for the New York Knicks next season.

- Yes. That's why I've been saying this. I've got to get better on television, man, because-- he said this on TV once, that it's news--

REPORTER: That's my prayer.

- And I understand.

- I do my verse and everything.


[INAUDIBLE] good on TV.

- He says this on TV once, I see it everywhere on the internet. I've been saying this for a month. Now, Chris Haynes, to his credit, is a very good reporter, and I think his words are going to carry more weight than mine. I get that, as a reporter versus commentator. But I wasn't pulling out of thin air.

This is what NBA people have been talking about for quite some time, that Kevin Durant and another guy might end up 10 blocks from here, where we film this television show. Again, I will be consistent on this. Kevin Durant has not made up his mind. He does not know if he's leaving Golden State at all, and if he does, where he would go.

But the Knicks have the ability, as soon as they move on from Joakim Noah, to add two guys. They already have Kristaps. And Kevin Durant as your best guy, and then a guard, be it Butler, Kyrie, maybe a third mystery guy, plus Kristaps, that is good enough to contend in the East immediately. And if he wants to have the LeBron type of, oh, you didn't give me credit for these championships, you're going to give me credit for this one. The Knicks didn't have the Cavs drought, but the Knicks didn't win a title since '73. They have this great history that's more mythology than actual history. And so yes, of course, this is a real thing.