Nick Wright evaluates Mahomes’ MNF comeback win: ‘It was his best game this year’

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk NFL on today's show. Hear what they have to say about Patrick Mahomes leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a comeback win against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football.

NICK WRIGHT: This was Pat Mahomes' fewest yards per attempt this year, fewest touchdowns this year, lowest quarterback rating this year. This was Pat Mahomes' best game this year. Because of what you said. They're in Mile High on Monday Night Football. Von Miller is locked and loaded. Bradley Chubb is getting his legs as a pro. That Chris Harris still Chris Harris. That defense was there. They struggled early.

Aside from Kareem Hunt, the offense was not clicking. And Pat Mahomes didn't make the critical mistake early. This is the game that I would have thought, OK, this is where he's going to have a couple picks. Because it's not coming early. Because they aren't moving the ball. Because he could get frustrated.

He didn't do that. He got a touchdown with his legs early. And then in the fourth quarter was spectacular. The fourth quarter is where not only they won this game, but where Pat Mahomes had that signature moment. Another signature moment, I would say, on second and 30, getting them to a manageable third and 7. And the big play to Demetrius Harris, right there, which put him in position for the game winning touchdown.

The questions we had is, OK, how are they going to react on the road in a tough environment? Check. How's he going to react against a very good defense? Check. And how is he going to react when they don't jump out to an early lead? Because the Chiefs have been the best first quarter team in football. Check.

They were down 10 points in the fourth quarter. Denver hadn't lost game at home with a double digit fourth quarter lead in almost 15 years. So all of those questions we had were checked, even though statistically it was clearly his worst game of the year. I think, I agree with C, it was his best game of the year.