UFC President Dana White on Conor McGregor’s assault charges after he attacked a bus of fighters at UFC 223 Media Day

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, UFC President Dana White weighs in on Conor McGregor being charged with three counts of assault after he attacked a bus of fighters at UFC 223 Media Day. Additionally, White provides crucial context as to what he believes may have triggered the incident.

- Well it was-- it was obviously a weird situation. All the fighters-- the thing was over, and the fighters were all getting on the buses and--

JENNA WOLFE: To leave? Yeah.

- --leaving the arena, and going back to the hotel. And these guys had people on the inside who opened doors for them, who were there covering the event for his company, and-- and came and attacked the buses. And, you know, when you see that-- that dolly go through the window--



- Mike Chiesa, one of the fighters, is sitting right there. So the glass-- and I believe the dolly hit him-- you know, and-- and he was bleeding. And-- and then one of the other guys, Ray Borg, glass went in his eyes and actually cut his eyeballs. Yeah. And so he was off the card. So just right there that's four people. And then Artem was with Conor in doing this. And, you know, Conor turned himself in last night to police. They-- they had a warrant for his arrest, or were working on a warrant for his arrest-- I don't know what-- what actually ended up happening. But they did ground his plane. They grabbed his passport--

JENNA WOLFE: They did.

- --so that he couldn't-- you know, tagged his passport, or however it is they do it. And, you know, it was either wait for the police to catch him, or him to turn himself in.

- Now, Dana, when we first saw this-- first saw the report-- as sports fans, initially-- not alarming-- but is-- is this staged, is this real? Now much respect to you, Dana. Now you've been involved in a lot of different things, from a promotional standpoint and very, very successful at it. We've never seen anything like this.

- Right.

- Where does this sit with you last night?

- This is the fight business. And leading up the week of a fight, there is tension and animosity-- guys are cutting weight, they're angry. You know, these type of things happen. Guys will say things, push, shove, grab each other. These things have happened. Slap-- people have slapped each other. People have done this. We can deal with all that stuff. When you bring in, you know, 20 hoodlums-- they flew in from Ireland to basically do this at our event-- it's-- like I said, there's nothing like this that has ever happened.

JENNA WOLFE: Conor, as well, flew in from Ireland.

NICK WRIGHT: He flew them in, he's the one--

- Flew them all in on a private jet. They all flew in to do this.

- So-- so here-- so is this-- do you have any idea-- is this out of anger about the-- the scuffle at the hotel? Is this because he's mad?


- It's not about being stripped of his belt?

- No, no, no. This has nothing to do with him being stripped. This was--

NICK WRIGHT: So what-- just tell people what--

- Artem-- Artem Labov, who was on the undercard, is a very, very close friend of Conor McGregor. And he got into an altercation with Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team. So when Conor found out about it, he loaded up a plane full of guys from Ireland, flew over here and, you know, coordinated this-- this attack on the buses. And-- and obviously there's multiple problems with doing something like this.

But the biggest problem, in my opinion, both of these buses are full of a ton of fighters and they're cornermen. And they're just throwing things up into the windows with-- with-- not caring who they hit. They hit Mike Chiesa. Mike Chiesa has nothing to do with this. You know what I mean? Rose Namajunas was right there. She has nothing to do with this. And many of the other fighters and cornerman have nothing to do with the situation. And they didn't care, they attacked them all.