Cris Carter reveals the sobering reality for Philly’s Nick Foles

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In his reaction to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz posting an Instagram video of himself throwing footballs, Cris Carter reveals what this means for Nick Foles in terms of returning to Philly next year, detailing to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why he doesn't believe Foles is cut out to be an NFL starting quarterback. Do you agree with Carter's assessment of Foles?

- With today's technology, I don't think that-- if a guy-- once a guy's cleared to play at that position, I'm not worried. Once Carson can play, I'm not worried about the ACL as far as, ah, we're going to have to go to Foles, because he's the better player. But I just think Philadelphia, because they believe they can win a championship this year-- they just saw they could win a championship with a backup quarterback. They wouldn't trade away their backup quarterback unless they know their starting quarterback's fully healthy.

- I don't believe Philadelphia believes they can win the Super Bowl with any backup quarterback. I believe that only a quarterback that's familiar with what they're doing. They got very, very fortunate last year. I don't believe there is a market for Nick Foles.

I know-- I know Nick. And you talk about Sam Bradford. Sam Bradford was still a more accomplished football player than Nick Foles. Nick Foles is not a starter in the NFL. Like, we can keep trying to make him one. But there is no market for Nick Foles.

Yeah. He had a great job. We-- look how much confidence we had in Nick Foles. Nick Foles played two good games. He played the NFC championship game good against Minnesota. And he played good in the Super Bowl.

So now we're getting ready to trade him to some other team that-- I don't see a team out there who wants him. When you go through free agency and you see what teams have done, I don't see a chair or a place that Nick Foles-- that he can be the starter.