Nick Wright reacts to the Rockets defeating Thunder: They are the most complete team in the NBA

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to the Houston Rockets defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder, revealing why he believes Harden and Paul's squad is the most complete team in the NBA.

NICK WRIGHT: How are they able to do this? Well, I believe, it's, in large part, because they're the best team in basketball. But, even if you don't believe they're the best team in basketball, it is hard to argue against them being the most complete team in basketball. And that, I think, is something Chris alluded to.

What do you want in 2018 NBA? What do you want? What do you have to have?

First thing, shooters-- the Rockets have as many of them as any team in the league, outside of Golden State. What's the second thing you've got to have? Elite rim protection-- enter Clint Capela, a great draft pick by Daryl Morey a few years ago, out of Switzerland.

All right, what's the next thing you need? Some scoring off your bench-- enter Eric Gordon, a savvy free agent pick up from a couple of years ago. What's the fourth thing you need? Some true perimeter defense-- enter Trevor Ariza, an acquisition from a few years ago, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, an acquisition from this summer.

If we want to, then, really nitpick, what's one more thing you'd like? How about just some toughness? How about what the Warriors said Zaza adds to them, but some real toughness-- enter Nene Hilario, enter PJ Tucker.

Like, what do you want in modern NBA basketball that the Rockets don't have? Nothing. They've got-- they have the league MVP. They have a future Hall of Famer, first ballot, no doubt guy, as their second-best player.

That gives them elite passing, 48 minutes a game. And, then, every other box is checked. So, when you add to that one thing that has been underrated for the Rockets this year, which is health, you get a team that's going to win 65-plus games, and, right now, look like the best team in the NBA.

- And, on top of all that, which you alluded to, they're not just winning one way. They can win all different ways. And we talked about this earlier in the week.

They can win with a fast pace. They can win with a slow pace. They can win the half court. They can win however they need to match up with another team. And that ability-- tell me if I'm wrong-- that ability to be able to adapt to whatever style another team is playing is what puts them at an advantage.