Nick Wright reveals what was so ‘extraordinary’ about Cleveland’s win last night over the Pistons

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In his discussion with Cris carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals what was so 'extraordinary' about the Cleveland Cavaliers' win last night over the Detroit Pistons. Do you agree with Nick?

- To out-rebound Detroit-- I mean, Detroit's got the best rebounder in basketball-- Andre Drummond, that's what he's known for. This is the first time all year, and I believe the first time in years-- Andre Drummond has played at least 30 minutes and been held to single-digit rebounds. You touched on it, Cris.

People are going to point to Nance's big offensive night, the fact that he was 22 and 15, which is extraordinary. I want to look at the other side of the ball. The Cavs defense was extraordinary after the first quarter, and they allowed Detroit to score 22 2-point baskets. Think about that.

Only 22 shots inside of the 3-point point arc was made by Detroit all game. It's not because they were living at the 3-point line, it's not because they were living at the free throw line. It's because that defense, all of a sudden, with a regular season-wise engaged LeBron and with Larry Nance Jr just so active, going after rebounds, going after deflections, it looked like a different Cavs team. And it offered up an intriguing option for them, potentially-- not to get too far ahead of ourselves.

But yesterday you were talking about, can they compete with the Warriors. And last week, we talked about LeBron potentially going to Philadelphia, and why it could be interesting is having so many big people, of Ben Simmons, and LeBron, and Joel Embiid. If Larry Nance can continue to hit that 15- to 17-foot jump shot that Ty Lue said, I did not know he had when we brought him over--

- And I think that's very interesting that they're finding things in the players that they traded for--

JENNA WOLFE: That they didn't know about.

- They didn't know about. But it's really huge because, if you're going to get in those match-ups with those teams, in the West in particular, you're going to need that intermediate jump shot that Nance provided for them last night.

- And you're going to need your 5 position to be in offensive threat. And Tristan Thompson is only an offensive threat rolling to the rim, only on a high pick and roll, LeBron throw you an alley-oop, JR throw you an alley-oop. If Larry Nance is just a passable threat, similar to the way David West is for the Warriors, from 15 feet-- now West is great at that shot, Nance isn't going to be that good-- but you have the option of playing a huge lineup, of having a front line of LeBron love Nance. If that lineup doesn't kill you offensively, that lineup can be very intriguing against the smaller Golden State Warriors.

So I went into this game saying yesterday, saying on Twitter all weekend, I want to see more minutes of Larry Nance Jr on the court with LeBron. Here's one note for you, since the new players have arrived-- take all the minutes the Cavs have played. They are plus 53 with any lineup where it's LeBron and Nance on the court. They are minus 15 in every other lineup. That means lineups including LeBron, but LeBron and Nance on the court, this team is plus 53. Any other lineup they put out there, they're minus 15. It's a very small sample size, but last night did what my head was telling me it could, which was give the Cavs more athletic interesting front line.