Nick Wright reacts to the Chiefs dealing Alex Smith to Washington for a reported 4-year/$94M contract

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to the Kansas City Chiefs dealing QB Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins for a reported 4-year/$94M contract. What does this mean for Kirk Cousins and head coach Jay Gruden?

- What it means for Washington is, I don't understand what they did. Now, maybe I'm biased. Maybe I have post traumatic Alex Smith disorder from watching him the last few years. But I do not think Alex Smith is as good as Kirk Cousins.

I think he's close. I think they're similar tiers. But I think Kirk Cousins is a little bit better. I know Kirk Cousins is considerably younger, four years younger than Alex Smith. And to not only trade for Alex Smith, and the $17 million he's owed this upcoming season, but to instantly give him four years, $94 million, with a reported $71 million guaranteed.

I don't think you got better. You didn't drastically improve your cap situation. And you gave up a third round pick, and the kid Kendall Fuller, Pro Football Focus says, he's the best slot corner in football last year.

So I don't understand this move for Washington. Aside from the fact that for some reason or another, after being with Kirk Cousins from the first day of his career, they never liked him. They never believed in him. Jay Gruden clearly never wanted him as their quarterback.

And so they got, to me, just an older version, not quite as skilled, of Kirk Cousins. So I don't understand this move for Washington.

- Well Alex Smith's going to have to change his game somewhat, if if he's going.