Nick on Houston’s win over Charlotte: ‘The Rockets are… The single best offense in the history of the league’

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Reflecting on Houston's win over the Charlotte Hornets, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolf why Houston deserves more recognition, revealing statistical proof that James Harden, Chris Paul and the Rockets' squad are combining to create the single best offense in the history of the NBA.

NICK WRIGHT: We have been conditioned over the last few years, and understandably so, to believe two teams can win the title. The team LeBron plays for, or the Golden State Warriors.


NICK WRIGHT: Like that's-- and there have been reason for that.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, three years in a row.

NICK WRIGHT: Three years in a row. It's the first time in NBA history the same two teams played each other three years consecutively in the finals. And so we've overlooked the fact that just a few years ago, without another all-star playing more than half the season, James Harden led the Rockets to the 2-seed and 56 wins in the Western Conference finals.

That the Rockets had of every team in the league, I believe, the biggest off-season acquisition. As far as, you say the Celtics, but the Celtics had to give up a player in Isaiah Thomas.


NICK WRIGHT: Rockets got Chris Paul, I know it was a trade, but they didn't have to trade another superstar. And the Rockets are quietly right about the best offense in the history of the NBA. I am going to say that again. Prior to last night's game, last night's game dinged them a couple tenths of a point.

Going into the last night's game, according to basketball reference, they had the single best offense in the history of the league. Now another team on that list for best offenses in the history of the league is this year's Warriors, and last year's Warriors. And so we're always going to focus on the Warriors.

But the Rockets right now have elite point guard play for 48 minutes a night. And two of the best eight players in the league on one team. Only the Warriors can say that as well, two of the best eight players.

So yeah, the Rockets are legitimate contenders. And we don't talk about them because they're in Houston, and because Harden has had some bad playoff moments as had CP3. I think that's why they don't-- people don't want to take them seriously yet CC.