Nick reveals which part of LeBron’s skill set has elevated The King’s game to a level we’ve never seen

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Reflecting on LeBron James' stellar 30-point performance against Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers, Nick Wright discusses with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe what is elevating LeBron's game this season to be the best version of himself the world has ever seen.

- CC, I welcome you and I'm glad you are joining me on this side of the argument. I know it took you, as you were saying, a little bit-- it took you a week. You were long-- you were there with everyone else. The Celtics. Oh, they they've won 16 in a row. The reality always was, even when the Cavs were-- what were they? They're now, they're 13-- or 12 and 9. So they, before the eight game winning streak. They, when they were having issues, the questions were oh, well, when they're 5 and 7, I should say. Isaiah's not-- no no no. None of that mattered. They had LeBron. And they had LeBron. And this is the most amazing part. Peak LeBron. Not LeBron extending his prime and still at the-- no no no no. The best LeBron we have ever seen is the LeBron we are seeing right now.

- OK Nick, now you're on the corner where LeBron is the greatest player ever. That's not this argument. But, even for a person that has the type of information and the opinion you have on LeBron, be honest. How surprised are you, even at year 15, that LeBron is better than he's ever been?

- I am surprised at one part of his game this year. The three point shooting. Because last year, he was a bad free throw shooter.

- Right.

- Last year, he was an OK three point shooter. But the shooting, which is usually what carries a player late in his career, the shooting, especially for the line at falling off. But last year, let's keep in mind, last season, year 14, was the first season of his career he ever averaged at least eight rebounds and eight assists a game. This is now the second year that that is happening.

But I just-- if people-- I want to give some context. Why are the Cavs the best team in the league? Because they-- or the best team in the East. Because they have the best player in the league by an enormous margin. The gap between LeBron and whomever is second place-- I believe it's Kevin Durant, some people might argue James Harden-- is bigger than the gap between that second best player and the eighth best player. I want to show everyone, including my friends at this table, some numbers going on right now. So here is LeBron James this season. 28.6 points, 57.7 from the field. 42.3 from three, and eight and 1/2 assists per game.

That is-- that has each of that random or anonymous player x notched just barely in each category. You would agree? Like, just a little more points, a little better field goal percentage, a little better three point, and a few more assists. Agreed?

- Agreed.

- Yes.

- All right. Show America who that anonymous player is.

- Is it you Nick?

- That anonymous player is Kobe's MVP season, Shaq's MVP season, KD's MVP season, and Derrick Rose's MVP season.

- Whoa.

- Those four players each won one MVP. So it takes Kobe's points, Shaq's field goal percentage, Durant's three point percentage, Derrick Rose's assists, in their one MVP years. And that's LeBron has bested it this season.