Cris Carter reveals a new facet to LeBron’s game that has made The King even more of a dynamic threat

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Reflecting on the Cleveland Cavaliers' 5th straight win in their dominant victory over the Detroit Pistons, Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe a new element in LeBron James' game that has led allowed the Cavs to bounce back after a rough start to the season.

- I'm not worried about his minutes because it's clear LeBron may really have a plan, and their plan was-- and this is, they've had to adjust at least three times as a team coming out of training camp.

For one, the first game of the season against Boston they didn't even know if LeBron was going to play before the game. All right? So LeBron's inability to spend time on the court with his teammates, that was the initial adjustment. After that, injuries begin to hit the point guard position. All right, Derrick Rose, could he play? All right. Then, they adjusted it with Dwyane Wade. Oh, we're going to put Dwyane Wade on the bench. Then, they lose Tristan Thompson. So then there's a third adjustment. What are we going to do? We move LeBron to the point.

So LeBron went through, I got to play more minutes and trying to force the issue. He had a lot of turnovers. But there's two things that I see as a huge improvements in LeBron's game in year number 15. He said-- and you haven't picked up on-- we haven't talked about this much. He said that he injured his elbow this offseason.

- Yeah.

- And it's also helped his free throw shooting, but it's also helped his three-point shooting. His shot is not that different but the arc and-- of his ball when he shoots from three-point land has been different. His stroke is about the same, but he said he hurt his elbow. I think it's made him a better shooter. He's still very selective in the shots that he's taken. And he's cut the turnovers down the last-- since the New York game. But his ball handling at the three or four position is what makes him very, very special. Now teams don't know, do I play him on the three-point line? And he yo-yos a defender. He brings him out to the three-point line and then goes to the bucket.

So it's a different LeBron than we've seen, but I wouldn't say I was concerned about them. I was concerned about how old the team looked starting the season.