Khabib Nurmagomedov submits Conor McGregor before scaling the cage and igniting a brawl | FIGHT RECAP | UFC 229

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Karyn Bryant, Tyron Woodley, and Michael Bisping react to Khabib Nurmagomedov's mauling of Conor McGregor on Saturday.

COMMENTATOR: Best fighters in the world going out there, trying to kill each other. I've seen it happen in England in other shows. But that aside, let's talk about the fight, because it was incredible.

It was an incredible performance by Khabib. He went out there. Conor had good takedown defense in the first round. Khabib took him down, used his legs to tie him up. He does that very well.

But in the second round, it was Khabib time. Landed that over-hand [INAUDIBLE] and then started malling him. This was the most dominant round for Khabib until he got the finish. He really punished Conor and really took him out of his element.

Round 3, Conor came back, and he came back strong. I don't know if he won the round, but he landed some good shots. And he was able to stop the takedowns.

Of course, round 4, Conor looking a little more fatigued. Khabib being relentless with the takedowns. And he knew he had to get the takedown.

On the feet, the fight was very close. On the ground, it wasn't. So Khabib knew, get the takedown. Get the take down, he did. Took the back, yanked his neck off.

Amstel new champ. Well done, Khabib. But you're a bloody idiot.

- And it's not about stopping the one takedown. That's the thing we said that's great about the Eagle. He'll go one, two, three, four, 10 in one round. He consistently stays stuck to you like glue.

And that's the difference-maker. You have to be ready for a second and third attempt. When a wrestler is a great chain wrestler, you can't just do an old-school sprawl, stuff the head, and think it's over with.

You've got to be ready to continue, get wrist control, and also give a punishment. If someone takes a shot on your legs, and you defend it, you need to be punching behind the armpit, kneeing them to the body, shoving and pushing them, letting him know, not up in here. Do not go for these legs again.

If you don't do that, there is no repercussion. It's not going to stop Khabib from going after the takedown again.

- As we said, though, once he yanked the neck, once he got the submission, that should have been enough for Khabib. But as we saw-- and it was reminiscent of when Conor McGregor-- was it Dennis Siver, I think, he beat. And he dived over the fence--


- José Aldo. Conor did the same thing to Dillon Dannis. But Dillon Dannis is loving the publicity right now.