Anthony Pettis and Tony Ferguson face off before their UFC 229 co-main event | WEIGH-INS | UFC229

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Anthony Pettis and Tony Ferguson face off before their co-main event clash at UFC 229

ANNOUNCER 1: Anthony Showtime Pettis, Mr. Original, off the octagon, off side your head with the kid. We can't forget this guy was a former WC champion, former UFC champion. Though he has an eight by his name, we know he's championship caliber at all times.

Despite Tony Ferguson, these guys are [INAUDIBLE]. I think this is going to be a great match-up.

MAN: Official weight, 156.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's been extremely focused, getting back to his old winning ways. Duke said this is one of his best camps. He's smiling. He's happy. He's ready to get it on.

WOMAN: He better be ready.

MAN: --the next champion of the world!

ANNOUNCER 2: Tony Ferguson walking in here. Here's a man that is on a mission. Here is a man that is extremely angry. He's mad at the UFC. He's mad at the landscape of mixed martial arts right now. He's got a very good reason to be.

He's having an incredible win streak. He was the interim champion. He injured himself. You know, he's very bummed out for good reason. But let's not forget what got him there.

Tony Ferguson is an incredible fighter. A unique individual, absolutely. Incredible fighter, absolutely. [INAUDIBLE] Yes, absolutely.

ANNOUNCER 1: When you think about Tony Ferguson, you look at his dart chokes, his anaconda chokes. He has very long limbs, knows how to use it, knows how to get to the submission. But we're talking about Anthony Pettis, who is one of the most craftiest strikers in the game. [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER 2: As I said, a unique individual. And for some reason he just showed us his nipples.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yes, you know--

WOMAN: I think he was showing off the 12 pack, really.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's doing one awkward dance. And we will not--

WOMAN: Well, he used to be a break dancer.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he's a Ninja Turtle. Let's not forget, Michelangelo is his favorite.

ANNOUNCER 1: We see Anthony Pettis. He's not really moved and not budging on that.