Khabib Nurmagomedov sets the record straight on the pronunciation his name | INTERVIEW | UFC TONIGHT

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Khabib Nurmagomedov is focused he is ahead of his huge fight with Conor McGregor, but he still had time to let Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier know how to properly pronounce his name

- We can talk about him or we can talk to him. He's joining us fresh off his open work out in Las Vegas. This is the Eagle. This is the champion. This is Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov. Now Khabib, that middle name is tougher than your wrestling, bud. Couldn't you have gone with something like Alexander? Maybe Sergei? You know, simple nickname for us. Simple middle name for me. A little bit.

- No, this is Dagastan name, bro. This is my father name. And this is my name, Khabib, you know? This is Dagastan name. That's why a little bit different.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Say whole name, please. Abdulmanapovich?

- Hab-- No Khabib. Khabib Abdulmanapovich. Nurmagomedov. This is my like, correctly.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Well you're freestyling. You're making stuff up now. But it's OK.

- DC, this is your friend. Get his name right. Come on. Khabib, you're looking very lean. You're looking very lean, my friend. What's your weight at right now?

- But after tomorrow, I weigh in, of course. I have like six, seven pounds I have to cut. I feel great. You know? I think this is because of I have very big motivation. I think that's why it's a little bit different. Because like, too much focus, you know? And I think that's why. But you know, weight is good. Feeling good, you know? Like, one and 1/2 day before weigh in, two or three days before fight, you know, I'm very happy about this.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Khabib, how was the open workout? We see the fans behind you. How did you enjoy the atmosphere?

- Of course, I enjoy. I ask all Irish fans, hey. Please can someone give me answer about your language? What happened with your language? Because your own language is not English language. You guys have your own language. What happened? But nobody give me answer.

SPORTSCASTER 1: So when you walk out there and train in front of all these people, does this feel bigger? Do you feel the enormity of the fight week right now?

- Yeah no. For this fight week, little bit different. A little bit more pressure. Of course, this is true. A little bit more pressure, little bit hard. But you know, like, when I watch like, how I feel, my weight, like, like, all my brothers here without my father, all my team here, you know? I want-- they feel like these guys part of this history, you know? This is-- I'm not alone. Alone, you cannot do nothing, you know? You have to be with lion, you know? This is like pride. Everybody's here. I feel great. And you know, I can do it. Saturday night, I'm going to crush this guy hype.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Well you say you want to crush him, Khabib. You know, you've been very calm. You've been very reserved and quiet. You finally do get to put your hands on him on Saturday night. How excited are you?

- I'm so excited about this. You know, this is like, fight, like, all people, like, around the world, who know sport, who support, like, mixed martial arts. Everybody with, like, not only MMA, like, boxing. Like a lot of soccer players and teams follow this. Like, this is crazy, you know? A lot of people waiting for this fight. And you know, I'm very excited about this. Of course I'm excited. And I want to finally, I want to smash this guy. But you know, I finally, I want cage closed. Me, him alone inside the cage. And we will see what's going to happen. My plan is crush his hype.

SPORTSCASTER 1: All right. So with that in mind, answer this question. But remain a little bit humble. Remain a little bit humble when I ask you this. With a win on Saturday night, 27 and 0, undefeated, undisputed UFC lightweight champ and you just beat Conor McGregor. Do you start to put yourself in the conversation as the greatest fighter of all time, Khabib? Now be very careful and a little bit humble when you answer this.

- Honestly I don't know. Honestly I don't know. I'm tired about call someone. I don't want to do this. Like only one thing what I want, beat this guy Saturday night and go home and enjoy with my family. Only-- I think about only this. But-- but you know, like, you never know after a fight when you are very emotional, like, I don't know, brother. To be honest, honestly, I cannot give you answer about this.

SPORTSCASTER 1: You know what? That's a humble answer, especially when you're talking to the actual greatest of all time. Who you don't want to really stick your foot up in your mouth. Khabib, thank you so much, my brother. I can't wait to see you on Saturday. And good luck.

- Thank you. Thank you brother. See you soon. Thank you guys.