Derek Brunson talks with the UFC on FOX crew | WEIGH-IN | UFC Fight Night

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Brunson joined the UFC on FOX crew after the weigh-ins to talk ahead of his fight against Jacare Souza in Charlotte

- Derek Brunson here with us now. Sir, I have to ask. I was at that fight years ago in San Diego where you did lose to Jacaré. How much has that bothered you? How badly have you wanted to get this fight back?

- You know what? It's funny. I was really green at the time. And right after the fight, I was just like, wow. That was stupid, you know? And I always wanted to get that one back. So I was like, you know, that kind of drove me for the past couple years. And here I am.

- Well, I'm pretty sure you got some new long lost cousins, some third aunts, some people that want tickets. How is it fighting in your home town with all the demands and all the requests?

- It's a lot. You know, I have a good team around me. So the people kind of take care of that. But yeah, I had a lot of requests. I had to cut some requests off. Stop answering messages, stop answering Facebook. But during fight week, I really don't look at too much media. So it kind of worked out.

MICHAEL BISPING: So you wanted the rematch. You got knocked out unfortunately five years ago. But you've got it. Tomorrow night's the night. What were you saying on the scales? Because you got in his face.

- Oh, I said, it's go time, you know. He looked at me, he said, I know you're scared, but, Mr. Brunson--

MICHAEL BISPING: He said that to you?

- He said that to me. You know?


- So yeah, yeah. I guess we going to find out, huh?

KARYN BRYANT: Derek, he's also said that you only have the right hand. Basically, that's the only thing that he needs to worry about is a knock out from you. What do you say to that?

- I don't know. I might be able to submit him also. You know--

KARYN BRYANT: Submit Jacaré!

- I'm confident in my skills. You never know. He's not going to tap. So I got to put him to sleep. You know? So. But yeah. I'm a well-rounded. You know, I'm good everywhere it goes. So I know what he brings to the table. And I've been training to combat that. And tomorrow night, we're going to see.

- Well, Derek, we talked about this on "UFC Tonight." Your division is a mess. There's interim champions fighting this guy, this person hurt. So would a victory over Jacaré Souza, not only where does that put you at? But you fought the current champion. You know, how do you see that match up going? And what does this win do for you in the future?

- It is a mess, you know. But we have the third ranked guy in my division. I think a win over him, I can jump a lot of guys. Probably put me in that three spot. And you know, you've got the champion who's injured right now. And I heard you know, it's pretty serious. I hope he's able to come back. But if he's not, you know, he might be out for a while. So, I could be fighting for an interim or something. Who knows?

MICHAEL BISPING: So you said a second ago, you might submit him. Now of course, you got great wrestling. So does that mean we might see you go for the take down and take him down? Because most people against Jacaré would do everything they could to avoid the ground.

- It doesn't matter. I'll take you down. You know, throw hands, whatever. It doesn't matter. I'm good wherever the fight go. I don't limit myself. And like I said, tomorrow night, all the speculation, everything ends.


- You know, as I said before, worrying about your right hand. You're actually a southpaw. So I suppose he should be looking out--

- I was wondering about that.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I'll let you slide. I'll let you slide. It's OK.

- I knew it as soon as I said it, I was, I'm pretty sure he's a southpaw. But listen, do you think that he's maybe underestimating your abilities on the ground?

- Maybe. Maybe-- maybe he is, you know? And that's my job, you know? Crack him with a good shot. I help him up, you know? But you know, put my hand on his chin and then, you know, get my hand raised.

KARYN BRYANT: Well, listen, Derek. You've been on an absolute tear. It's really been fun watching you. You're never in a boring fight, sir?

- I know, right?

- Yeah. It's money.

- I used to be a wrestler. Everybody would be like, oh, the guys just lay on people. Now I'm just, you know, applying these hands.

- Yeah, you better be there for the first round in a Derek Brunson fight. Otherwise you might miss it. Thank you so much for joining us, sir.