WATCH: Mini Ronda Rousey terrifies trick-or-treaters in Halloween ad

So, the first full trailer for November’s UFC 193, depicting the lives of headliners Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, was probably the best UFC promo ever made. A new Spanish-language short commercial for the pay-per-view is also badass, in a cute way.

First of all, the commercial is a Spanish one, which is pretty significant in and of itself because it may be a sign that the UFC is recognizing the purchasing power of American Latinos — and starting to let the world know that Rousey herself is a Latina.

Secondly, we love a world where little girls look up to the Rowdy One and choose to emulate her. Let us explain: The commercial starts with a bunch of children donning their Halloween outfits.

The costumes are meant to be dark and scary. So, when the kids attempt to scare folks who open their doors to them, they’re a bit disappointed when they don’t get the desired frightened reactions.

Cut to those same kids knocking on another door, this time answered by another child. This kid, a young girl, has her hair up like Rousey, is wearing UFC fight gear and a golden championship belt . . . as well as a Rondaesque game face.

A glare and a tilt of mini-Ronda’s head sends the other children running away screaming. World-class MMA skills are a lot more scary than goblins, vampires and werewolves, after all.

Then, text saying, "What’s really horrifying is not being able to watch her," appears on the screen. We can dig it.

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