Ronda Rousey has the best description for every ‘Game of Thrones’ character

Could you imagine Ronda Rousey as Cersei Lannister?

Ronda Rousey never actually has watched "Game of Thrones" on TV, but she’s read the books and has a frighteningly accurate description for the fate of every character in George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series.

Rousey sat down with NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. recently and the pair answered random questions for DraftKings, which is how the subject of "Game of Thrones" came up.

The question was which would they rather appear on — "Game of Thrones" or "The Walking Dead"?

Rousey then unleashed her depiction of every "Game of Thrones" character, and for those who read the books or watch the show, you’ll recognize that she’s pretty much spot-on.

"No one really has a happy story in that, though," Rousey said about "Game of Thrones". "I didn’t watch the show but I’ve read the books and there isn’t anyone in any of them where I’m like ‘I want to be that person, it’s going good for them’.

"No, everybody it’s like ‘Oh well my life is (expletive)’; all of them, at some point, it happens."

Anyone who knows what the words "Red Wedding" mean understands Rousey is 100 percent correct.

So between those two shows, Rousey would prefer to appear on "The Walking Dead", where she might actually have a better chance of survival.


"I want to be in ‘Walking Dead’ because I’m really big in post-apocalyptic stuff anyway; I want to shoot things all day," Rousey said. "It would be kind of fun."