UFC fines Jon Jones $25,000 after testing positive for cocaine

Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been fined $25,000 from the UFC after he tested positive for metabolites found in cocaine just one month prior to his fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

The positive test violates the UFC athlete code of conduct policy, which can punish any fighter for behavior considered detrimental to the promotion.

Jones tested positive for cocaine in an pre-fight drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Dec. 4. 

"The UFC came to this decision after reviewing the facts surrounding the issue, and after receiving confirmation from the Nevada Athletic Commission that Jones passed all required drug tests following his bout at UFC 182 on Jan. 3," UFC officials stated in a release on Saturday.

Under the rules set forth by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and followed by the Nevada commission, Jones’ test results for cocaine were not punishable because that particular drug is not banned out of competition. 

Jones was allowed to fight at UFC 182, where he beat Cormier by unanimous decision.

The UFC did choose to punish Jones under the code of conduct policy and the $25,000 fine he received will be donated to a substance abuse prevention program.