Chris Weidman: I’m going to make Vitor pay for cheating

Chris Weidman says he has kept silent about Vitor Belfort’s cheating past, but the middleweight champion could no longer hold his tongue when he came face to face with the Brazilian at the UFC 187 weigh-in Friday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. 

Weidman, who defends his belt against Belfort on Saturday night at UFC 187, accused his challenger of cheating after his testosterone levels were reportedly higher than normal on a recent random drug test. 

"I left him alone about this whole drug-test thing. But then we just found out during camp he had a 1,200 testoterone score." Weidman told UFC commentator Joe Rogan after the weigh-in. "I’m 10 years younger than him and he’s got a way higher testosterone level. This guy is still cheating. I’m going to make him pay for it tomorrow night."

In the video above, Weidman is seen jawing with Belfort during their weigh-in face off and the opponents continue to exchange pleasantries before UFC president Dana White steps in. 

Belfort, a former light-heavyweight titleholder, has faced significant scrutiny over PED use in the past. He tested positive for 4-Hydroxytestosterone following his October 2006 fight against Dan Henderson, and his use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) during his 2013 bouts against Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold and Dan Henderson — all wins — have not helped the situation. The Nevada State Athletic Commission gave Belfort an exemption for the use of TRT at that time, but it banned the practice in February 2014.

To this point, Belfort has continued to ignore the allegations of cheating and remained focused on his title shot.

"It’s a dream. I’m living the dream," Belfort told Rogan. "I’m just glad to be in this sport and perform, and I’m ready to win tomorrow." 

Neither the UFC nor the Nevada State Athletic Commission have reported any failed random drug test for Belfort during his UFC 187 fight camp. All fighters on the card will be tested again on fight night. 

"You will be tested in competition. You will be tested out of competition. And if you are using performance-enhancing drugs, you will be caught and there will be significant penalties that will go along with that," UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said in a February press conference on the UFC’s new PED policy.

We’re sure all eyes will be on the post-fight results of all fighters, but especially Belfort.