Aldo provides X-rays of broken rib, fires back at McGregor

Jose Aldo is out to clear his name after allegations from former opponent Conor McGregor that the UFC featherweight champion got the go-ahead to fight from doctors but dropped off the UFC 189 fight card anyway.

Aldo says he suffered a fractured rib in training a week ago, although a subsequent report from the UFC stated he had only bruised ribs and cartilage damage.

Now, in the wake of McGregor’s latest rant, Aldo is firing back by providing X-rays which he says are from his physician, proving he has a broken rib that forced him to withdraw. Aldo was replaced by No. 1-ranked contender Chad Mendes on Tuesday.

"For three months, everyday, I conducted three training sessions. I invested my time and money, bringing in training partners, both in the country and outside, to make the best camp of my life and be ready to defend, for the eighth time, my belt on July 11," Aldo told Globo in Brazil, according to translation. "Unfortunately, I suffered a broken rib in training, which is proven by an official report."

As much as Aldo wanted to fight, he says, he just isn’t physically able to perform at his best and would have gone into the bout at far less than his physical peak.

Aldo is ranked No. 1 in the pound-for-pound rankings and felt it was important to live up to that standard.

"The decision was taken in respect of fans and the UFC, who now consider me the best fighter pound-for-pound in the world," Aldo said. "I could not fight without having 100 percent of my physical condition. Many people told me to fight anyway, due to the money that I could win, but I wouldn’t sell myself, no matter what it may be.

"I fight for love of what I do and for my country."

Aldo closed his statement by taking one final shot at McGregor, who claimed on Wednesday that he’s not sure the featherweight champion is ever returning to the Octagon after dropping out of this latest bout.

"The Octagon is my kingdom and there is only room for a king — it’s me," Aldo said. "If he wants to participate, you have to be the court jester.

"If you beat Chad Mendes, the only thing you’ll have is a toy belt to show friends, drunk in the bars of his country, because that’s what an interim title is for me: a toy. The champion is me."