The Top 20 greatest fighter quotes

Before, after and even sometimes during a fight, the competitors

squaring off against one another have a few choice words to say.

Sometimes it happens in a pre-fight interview or it could be when a

color commentator like Joe Rogan pops into the Octagon and asks a

fighter their thoughts on what just unfolded or what they are

hoping to do next in the UFC.

Since the inception of the UFC 20 years ago, the fighters have

always talked the talk and walked the walk, and in that time there

have been more than a few memorable quotes along the way. From some

outrageous confrontations at press conferences to internet radio

shows, fighters have had plenty of forums to speak their minds and

as coverage got bigger and broader sometimes the verbal sparring

got even more heated than in the bouts themselves.

Today, we take a look at the UFC fighter quotes that have filled

the airwaves including the best trash talk, rebuttals, interviews

and sometimes just flat out hilarious commentary. Take a look at

our list and see the top 20 in UFC history.

#20: Matt Hughes

“When you lose, say little. When you win, say less.”

Matt Hughes was never big on trash talk but he was definitely a

smart fighter that understood what it meant to be humble. He quotes

this phrase on his personal website, and there may not be wiser

words to live by in the UFC than these few from a Hall of Famer

like Hughes. He was never a fighter that boasted how great he was

inside the Octagon. Hughes just went to work, won fights and walked

out with the title. He was never one to beat an opponent and then

laud his accomplishments over their heads. Hughes just smiled,

patted his belt and moved onto the next one.

#19: Mirko Cro Cop

“He said in case of winning, he will spend two years staring

through the window, but he must also have one thing on his mind in

case he lost the fight — if I’m going to be lucky and throw a

high kick he might stare through the windows for two years, too

with a nurse on his left side.”

Former Pride legend Mirko Cro Cop never tasted the same level of

success in the UFC that he once had while competing in Japan, but

despite his stoic nature before and after a fight he did manage

this line just before facing Pat Barry at UFC 115. For weeks

leading up to the fight, Barry had spoken about how he idolized Cro

Cop and if he actually won the fight he would stare out of a window

weeks in disbelief of what just happened. The Croatian answered

back by telling Barry that he most certainly might end up staring

out of a window, but it wouldn’t be by awe. He’d be stuck staring

out of a window because that’s where the hospital would put his

wheelchair during his time of recovery.

#18: Josh Koscheck

“You’re a male nurse bro. I’m gonna f—k you up in about

two minutes.”

Josh Koscheck has been around the UFC ever since the first

season of The Ultimate Fighter and while you might think his best

quote came from that series when he regularly tormented housemate

Chris Leben, his most memorable line actually came five years later

when he was coaching the reality show opposite welterweight

champion Georges St-Pierre. At one point, Koscheck got entangled in

a verbal battle with St-Pierre’s cornerman Brad Tate. When Koscheck

finally had enough, he came after Tate with this one that lives in

Ultimate Fighter infamy forever. Just after saying this, Koscheck

decided to physically go after Tate before the other competitors

finally broke them up.

#17: Nick Diaz –

“I hope so motherf—ker if I had that much money I’d be

f—king pampering myself the f—k up. I’d be having

motherf—kers pampering my s—t left and f—king

right. There would be motherf—kers every hour on the hour

showing up to pamper me out”

(Nick Diaz’s tirade begins at 1:39)

No one will ever accuse perennial UFC bad boy Nick Diaz of

quoting Shakespeare during his pre-fight interviews, but at the

same time there’s a kind of brutal honesty and unapologetic fervor

that you get during one of his tirades that can’t be replaced by

anyone else. During the UFC 158 pre-fight media conference call,

Diaz was made aware that his opponent Georges St-Pierre had not

only never been on Twitter but the messages released in his name

were done by an assistant. Add to that, St-Pierre’s face on

magazines and ads for products like Under Armour and it led Diaz to

stomping all over the Canadian’s gold plated lifestyle. Here’s

hoping someone has pampered Diaz by now.

#16: Frank Mir – “You know what the true

definition of hell is? It’s when you die, you get to meet the

person you could have been.”

Sometimes fighter quotes don’t really relate back to a certain

time or place, and this is one of those moments. Former UFC

heavyweight champion Frank Mir could or should write a book one day

with all of the great phrases he’s invented over the years, and

this one stands out above them all. Mir was speaking to the cameras

during the UFC on Fox: Henderson vs. Melendez Countdown show when

he began referencing his long road to find answers of consistency

in his career. At 33 years of age (at the time), Mir knew that the

time he had left in the sport was dwindling and the last thing he

wanted to do was walk away with regret. This phrase summed that up


#15: Matt Serra –

“You’re not even training are you Frenchy? You know what I

mean. Drink your red wine, go to your hockey game and shut the

f—k up.”


(Click for Serra’s quote on the MMAWeekly Radio


When Matt Serra knocked out Georges St-Pierre at UFC 69 in 2007

it was undoubtedly one of the biggest upsets in MMA history, but it

certainly took a lot of skill to finish the fight the way the New

York native did in the first round. Just weeks after the fight was

over, St-Pierre decided to tell the world that he admitted took

Serra lightly and didn’t train or prepare the way he should have

for the fight. The result was Serra unloading on the French

Canadian with this line from MMAWeekly Radio in 2007. He was no fan

of St-Pierre’s excuses and he let him know it while taking a shot

at the former champion’s French heritage and if there’s one thing

you don’t do in Canada is take a shot at hockey. It certainly

didn’t do Serra any favors when it came to the rematch —

which happened to take place in Montreal in 2008.

#14: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson – “You can make a

mistake and get caught in a submission, but Chuck made a mistake

and he got caught in an ass whoopin’.”

Alongside Sonnen and Bisping, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson had more

than his fair share of famous and funny lines over the years while

he was in the UFC and this one was truly his best. Jackson defeated

UFC icon Chuck Liddell for the second time at UFC 71 by knockout in

less than two minutes into the first round. Never one to mince

words, Jackson had no problem letting Liddell know what he did

wrong and in this case it was walking into the cage with ‘Rampage’

and expecting anything different than to wake up staring at the

lights on the ceiling.

#13: Harold Howard –

“We have a saying back home that if you’re coming on —

come on!”

There’s something to be said for the early days of the UFC when

rules were at a minimum and fighters like Chael Sonnen and Michael

Bisping weren’t around yet to help out with some good old fashioned

pre-fight trash talk. What we were left with at the time was

Canadian martial artist Harold Howard, who brandished a rather

intimidating mullet and sunglasses when he was doing his pre-fight

interview before UFC 3 began. Apparently in Canada, this is a

famous phrase although Howard may have been the first and the last

one to utter these words. Let’s not forget Howard also managed to

call the organization he was fighting in ‘The Ultimate Fighting

Challenge’. Getting names right may not be common where Howard is

from apparently.

#12: Michael Bisping – “This is a press

conference, Jorge. I know it’s your first time involved in

something like this. Welcome to the big leagues. After this, you’ll

be back to the undercard believe me.”

If there is one fighter on the entire UFC roster that could go

toe-to-toe with Sonnen in a verbal battle it’s middleweight

contender Michael Bisping. The brash Brit routinely slams his

upcoming opponents with a venomous tirade that could rage from

lacking standup skills to poor cardio, and over the course of six

or eight weeks leading up to the fight, Bisping is relentless.

Prior to UFC 127, however, Bisping was met with a barrage of videos

launched at him from opponent Jorge Rivera. Up to that point in his

career, Rivera was known mostly as a quiet, respectful fighter from

Massachusetts, but when he got word that Bisping was his next

opponent he joined up with his sponsor to put together a huge array

of videos aimed at the former Ultimate Fighter winner. The problem

is it’s never smart to tug on Superman’s cape and when there were

no more pre-taped segments to back up Rivera on stage, Bisping

finally went after him with this line, and while some may have

chuckled, in reality it just had to sting Rivera, who tried to

joust with the king and ended up getting smacked hard in the face

with a giant thud.

#11: Chael Sonnen – “You tell Anderson Silva

I’m coming over. I’m kicking in his back door and

I’m pattin’ his old lady on the ass and I’m

telling her to make me a steak, medium rare just how I like


In a greatest quotes of all time list that goes to No. 20, it

could easily be filled to the brim by quotes only by Sonnen. This

gem was Sonnen’s jab at then middleweight champion Anderson Silva

when he was still trying to land a rematch from the first fight at

UFC 117 in 2010. Sonnen hit Silva at every angle from insulting his

country to his own skills inside the cage. Nothing seemed to get

Silva fired up enough to respond, but Sonnen’s jab as worded above

certainly did the job. The keep the fire burning, Sonnen would

routinely wear a shirt at UFC events that read in bold white

letters ‘Medium Rare’, obviously paying homage to one of his most

famous sayings to date. Funny enough after Sonnen fell to Silva for

a second time in the UFC, the Brazilian actually invited him over

to his house for a barbecue, although there’s never been any

evidence to prove it ever actually happened.

#10: BJ Penn – “I only want to be known as the

best ever. Is that too much to ask?”

If you ask Anderson Silva or any other number of fighters in the

UFC who is the greatest of all time, they will answer BJ Penn

without a single stutter or fumbling of their words. Since 2001,

Penn has been holding shop in the UFC while competing between the

lightweight and welterweight divisions. When he wasn’t competing in

the Octagon, Penn even managed to take fights in the light

heavyweight division. He remains one of the most fearless fighters

to ever strap on a pair of gloves and step inside the cage, and

this phrase he uttered several years ago pretty much epitomizes

exactly who Penn is as a competitor and fighter.

#9: Carlos Condit – “I threw a spinning back fist

or something and he’d tell me ‘so we’re throwing spinning s—t


(Quote begins at 3:18)

At UFC 143, Carlos Condit battled Nick Diaz for the interim

welterweight title while current champion Georges St-Pierre

recovered from knee surgery. It was clear during the five round

fight that Diaz was yelling at Condit several times over the course

of 25 minutes, but without microphones set up close to the action

there was no telling what was actually being said. Condit won the

fight and at the post fight press conference a reporter asked him

what was Diaz saying to him in the cage. Condit — who threw a

number of spinning back fists and other flashy strikes at Diaz

— uncorked this quote that continues to gain attention

virtually any time a fighter decides to toss a spinning maneuver

into their repertoire during a bout. If you venture to Twitter on

fight night and anyone throws a spinning kick, punch, elbow or

anything else, it’s pretty much a guarantee that this quote will

pop up.

#8: Diego Sanchez – “Yes!!”

Okay so technically this isn’t a phrase so much as a word, but

it’s become quite iconic thanks to Diego Sanchez as well as popular

WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan,

who borrowed

the gimmick for his character on television. “I love Diego

Sanchez! That’s where it came from,” Bryan said in an interview in

2012. Sanchez can routinely be spotted pumping his fist, furrowing

his brown and chanting “yes’ along with the crowd in whatever arena

he’s visiting that day. It’s somehow become Sanchez’s battle cry

and you’re never going to watch a weigh-in or a fight where the

crowd won’t inevitably begin screaming the single word anytime

Sanchez is around.

#7: Matt Hughes – “If you haven’t lost in this

sport, you haven’t fought the right guys yet.”

One of the greatest champions in UFC history, former

welterweight king Matt Hughes was a master of saying very smart

things when it came to advice for other fighters and this one was

his greatest gem. Competing in mixed martial arts is a tough job,

and as anyone who has ever fought in the UFC can attest, there’s no

easy road to take towards victory. At any time a fighter could land

a haymaker and with only four ounce gloves to cushion the blow, a

knockout will most certainly follow. Hughes’ point with these words

was to prove that no one is invincible in MMA, especially in the

UFC. An undefeated fighter won’t stay undefeated forever, and if

they do, they just aren’t fighting the best of the best because

even the greatest have a mark or two on their records.

#6: Anderson Silva – “I’m not the best. I just

believe I can do things other people think are


A seven year reign atop the UFC’s middleweight division wasn’t

enough for Anderson Silva so he decided to venture into the light

heavyweight division every now and again looking for a new

challenge. When a slew of fighters fell out injured leaving UFC 153

without a main event, Silva offered to step in and face Stephan

Bonnar in the main event. Silva literally toyed with Bonnar during

the fight, and at one point dropped his hands, stood against the

cage and invited the former

Ultimate Fighter

finalist to try and hit him. When Silva finally attacked, the

fight was over in mere seconds. At the post fight press conference

the entire press corps (and the world watching at home for that

matter) were trying to figure out why and how Silva could do the

things he did. Silva just believes in himself and the rest just

becomes magical.

#5: Brock Lesnar – “Ladies and gentlemen, I stand

before you a humble champion and still the toughest SOB around


When Brock Lesnar came to the UFC by way of professional

wrestling, no one was quite sure what this behemoth of a man would

actually be able to accomplish inside the Octagon. Just a few

fights later he was the heavyweight champion of the world and had

everyone convinced that he could almost move mountains with his

power and athleticism. Unfortunately, Lesnar’s career was almost

cut short when he fell ill dealing with a crippling case of

diverticulitis. The disease forced Lesnar into the hospital on

numerous occasions, and if things didn’t improve quickly, the

former NCAA champion from Minnesota would see his MMA career come

to an end. Luckily, Lesnar did recover and he got back into the

cage at UFC 116 where he took on interim champion Shane Carwin. The

fight almost ended after one round with Carwin battering Lesnar on

the feet and on the ground. Miraculously, just like his comeback

from the disease, Lesnar found a new will in the second round where

he took Carwin down and submitted him with a head and arm choke.

Following the incredible victory, Lesnar game an impassioned speech

with a huge grin on his face while he grasped the UFC heavyweight

title one more time.

#4: Chael Sonnen – “Anderson Silva — you

absolutely suck!”

Over the past few years, middleweight contender turned light

heavyweight Chael Sonnen has become the master of the verbal beat

down. There are very few fighters who can go verb for verb, noun

for noun against the quick witted silver tongue from West Linn,

Oregon but for all of his funny phrases and rhyming retorts, his

most memorable moment happened by saying only five words. After

beating Brian Stann at UFC 136, which at the time seemed to secure

Sonnen’s place in a rematch with champion Anderson Silva, he

grabbed the microphone and unleashed venom on the Brazilian, who

just happened to be sitting cage side. Sonnen followed up with a

challenge to the champion if they fought again, but that can’t

compare to the kind of strong language he blasted without one

rhyming syllable or actual quip trying to be funny. This was just

Sonnen being brutally honest and it worked flawlessly.

#3: Randy Couture – “Not bad for an old


When Randy Couture decided to come out of a year long retirement

in 2007 while moving back to heavyweight to face champion Tim

Sylvia he was met with some serious skepticism whether or not he

had made a wise choice. Couture retired after two losses to Chuck

Liddell while fighting at 205 pounds, and a move back to

heavyweight seemed crazy especially when facing a 6’8″, 265 pound

monster like Sylvia. As they say, however, age ain’t nothing but a

number and Couture came out and absolutely dominated Sylvia over

the course of five rounds, besting the giant champion with superior

standup and slick wrestling. When it was over, Couture was champion

once again and when Joe Rogan stuck the microphone to his face, the

words he uttered would live in UFC history forever

#2: Ken Shamrock: “I hope to God you come ready,

because if you don’t I’m going to beat you into a living


The feud between “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz and

the Lion’s Den fight camp had been going on for years, but the

battle finally came to a head when the UFC’s reigning light

heavyweight champion finally met Ken Shamrock at UFC 40: Vendetta.

Prior to the fight, Ortiz and Shamrock met during a very poorly lit

press conference headed up by UFC president Dana White. Shamrock

took the microphone while standing at the podium when he unleashed

this now very famous phrase. The result was Ortiz bursting out in

laughter and Shamrock kicking a chair in the air, caught perfectly

by White actually. Shamrock never actually beat Ortiz into living

death — in fact he lost in three separate fights against the

UFC Hall of Famer but he kept trying and that’s what matters


#1: Georges St-Pierre – “I’m very glad you won

that fight Matt, but I’m not impressed by your


Following Matt Hughes’ win at UFC 63 over BJ Penn, top rated

welterweight contender Georges St-Pierre entered the Octagon to

officially offer a challenge to the champion. St-Pierre first met

Hughes two years earlier in a fight that ended with the Canadian

losing by armbar to the veteran champion. Now with a lot more

experience under his belt including several UFC victories,

St-Pierre was back and his challenge to Hughes ended with these

famous words. Ironically enough in the history of UFC trash talk,

St-Pierre is one of the least inflammatory fighters so maybe that’s

one reason why this statement still stands out above all the rest.

There was even

a song put

together based on St-Pierre’s words to Hughes that night in

2006. To this day that famous phrase continues to swirl around

St-Pierre seven years after he first said them.



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