Ronda Rousey sets out to do things people tell her are impossible

Two movies to promote and a title fight? All in a day's work for Ronda Rousey

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Between a budding moving career and currently being the top women’s fighter in the sport, UFC champion Ronda Rousey is not someone who really enjoys slowing down for the curves life throws at her.

But putting her title on the line four times over the course of 19-months had Rousey’s body battling against her mind when it came to decided what should come next.  It was only after her knuckle exploded in a 16-second drubbing over Alexis Daivs that Rousey finally decided to take a break and enjoy some much needed time off.

It paid off in a big way when Rousey underwent some minor knee surgery that revealed a major problem that could have put her on the sideline for over a year.

"I’m very glad that I did because when we were cleaned up everything in my knee, we found out I had an arthritic spur literally rubbing on my ACL and it would have ruptured at any time. We took care of everything just in time," Rousey told FOX Sports on Wednesday.  "I’m perfectly healthy and better than ever before.  I can just feel my body itching to fight again."

The reason why you doubt the ability that it could ever be done is the reason why you will never do anything that great

— Ronda Rousey on doing the impossible

The scariest part about Rousey’s surgery is that the women’s bantamweight champion believes that leg injury was really holding her back in fights.  Now that she’s healthy, Rousey believes she’s going to accomplish even bigger goals with more devastating results.

"You have to remember I’ve been pretty much fighting all my UFC fights with one leg," Rousey said.  "Now I feel better than I did when I was 16 years old fighting when I got my first knee surgery. I really feel rejuvenated like I molted or something and I have a brand new body. I allowed myself to rest and recuperate."

And just as a refresher for what Rousey has accomplished in the UFC on one leg as she puts it — she’s 4-0 with four finishes, three of them coming in the first round and a mix of submissions and TKO victories to her credit.

In between those four fights, Rousey has also been massaging a new career as an actress in Hollywood.  She had her first major role debut in 2014 as a cast member of ‘The Expendables 3’ and Rousey’s name will land on the marquee at least twice this year with roles in ‘Furious 7’ as well as the ‘Entourage’ movie.

Rousey also has an autobiography scheduled for release in May.

As much as Rousey has going on, she hasn’t lost sight of her upcoming fight against Cat Zingano or her desire to retire undefeated as UFC women’s bantamweight champion.  Questions about her career outside of the Octagon only serve to motivate Rousey even more and when the subject was raised once again on Wednesday, she fired back in a way only she could do.

"When I’ve set out to try and do things that people say are impossible, first they ask me why I do it. Then after I accomplish it, they ask me how I did it.  The reason why you doubt the ability that it could ever be done is the reason why you will never do anything that great," Rousey said.

So when it comes to Rousey, the question is no longer ‘can she do it?’. The question then becomes ‘when will she do it?’ because she’s not slowing down or turning down opportunities just because her calendar will get filled up.

Living life at 100 miles per hour is just how Rousey likes it and if early indications are any sign, this is going to be a very good year for the ‘Rowdy’ one.

"If 2014 looked like it was my b–ch," Rousey said, "Then 2015 is going to look like my b–ch’s b–ch."