Rousey: I hope Mayweather grows up to be like Tyson

Ronda Rousey is having a very public feud with Floyd Mayweather Jr., the latest episode coming when the UFC star ripped the boxing legend Wednesday night at the ESPYs, where she beat him out for "Best Fighter of the Year."

"I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once," Rousey said. "I’d like to see you pretend to not know who I am now."

Asked about the feud Thursday on "America’s Pregame," Rousey said it stemmed from Mayweather disrespecting her a year ago when they first were up for the award. Beyond that slight, Rousey said she considers Mayweather "one of the greatest boxers of all time" but that he’s flawed by his character outside the ring and compared him to Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero, who was arrested on suspicion of killing his wife (and hung himself in jail).

Reminded that she’s friends with Mike Tyson —€ he joined her this week while she trains for UFC 190 — and that like Mayweather, he’s had his share of personal demons, Rousey defended the former heavyweight champ.

"Mike is a great example, I think, where he’s put in so much effort over so many years to better himself as a man … He’s owned up to things he’s done, he’s denied the things that he hasn’t done, he’s paid his debt to society," Rousey said.

"I really hope Floyd Mayweather grows up to be like Mike Tyson."

Rousey never has shied away from blasting Mayweather over his arrests and convictions on domestic violence charges in previous interviews.

Back in May while speaking to "Access Hollywood," Rousey took another shot at him while referencing his history of violence against women.

"I would never say that I can’t beat anyone," Rousey said. "I don’t think me and him would ever fight unless we ended up dating."

Rousey is finishing her training camp to prepare for her next fight on Aug. 1 in Brazil, where she faces undefeated contender Bethe Correia in the main event of UFC 190. 

For more of her interview on FOX Sports 1, check out the video below.