Lyoto Machida in an air cast, might have broken his foot against Mousasi

Machida may have be facing a foot injury after fighting Mousasi.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Lyoto Machida got a big win Saturday night, but he might have also left Jaragua Arena with a serious issue.

Machida told Karyn Bryant on FOX Sports 1 that he might have broken his foot in the third round of his win over Gegard Mousasi at UFC Fight Night in Brazil.

"I don’t know what happened exactly, but maybe in the third round I did some kicking and he defended with his knee,"€ Machida said. "€œI don’t know if I broke my foot, but it happened."

The former UFC light heavyweight champion was wearing an air cast on his left foot and limping noticeably when he tried to walk. He had to sit down for the interview with Bryant.

Machida said the injury didn’€™t bother him during the fight, a unanimous decision victory and second in a row since moving down to middleweight.

"I didn’t think about my foot, I just tried to keep my focus on the fight because I know Mousasi was a tough opponent and I tried to give my best," Machida said.

A broken foot could put Machida on the shelf for a few months. But he still could end up getting the next middleweight title shot. Chris Weidman doesn’t defend his belt against Vitor Belfort until May and the winner presumably wouldn’€™t fight again until fall or the end of 2014.

"I don’t know who deserves the title shot,"€ Machida said. "€œDana White is the boss he can decide everything. But I think I deserve the title shot too, but we’ll see."