Jenna Jameson rips Ortiz on Twitter

Tito Ortiz might be retired, but he’s still taking shots

— this time from his ex-girlfriend.

Famed porn star Jenna Jameson went on the offensive on Twitter,

accusing the former UFC champ of everything from drug use to nearly

killing her. Jameson’s verbal assault seems to stem from her

losing primary custody of their twin boys in April. Ortiz began

dating Jameson in 2006, and Jameson gave birth to the

couple’s twins in 2009.

But the couple has had a rocky history. Ortiz was arrested and

charged with felony domestic violence in 2010 at the couple’s

California home. Both parties later recanted the allegations. On

Thursday, Jameson took to Twitter with shocking allegations against

Ortiz, with the former UFC champ responding with photos of his

twins (we assume playing while under his care on Wednesday), before

Jameson eventually swore off Twitter altogether.

Here is how the events began.

Ortiz responded with tweets of photos of the twins.

He also defended himself on the social-media site, and

apparently offered some advice for Jameson.

And then Jameson apparently brought it all to an end — for