McGregor-Diaz fight CAN’T be as good as this awkward interview

Just seconds into the interview, Nate Diaz was dropping F-bombs and it was clear that he and Conor McGregor were gonna put on another show.

Forget the fight. Can we just do this every week?

All they’ve been doing is entertaining the fans since last week when Diaz was announced as the replacement to fight the outspoken champ in the main event Saturday night at UFC 196. No wonder McGregor wanted Diaz and not Donald Cerrone or some other contender. These two are the new odd couple.

They traded curses at the first press conference, with McGregor hilariously describing Diaz as a wannabe cholo who "makes gang signs with the right hand and animal balloons with the left."

Then came the requisite near-brawl at Thursday’s face-off and more trash talk, including Diaz’s revelation that McGregor and his movement coach play "touch butt" in the park.

It was hard to top that, but they managed to Thursday night on "FOX Sports Live," giving one of the most awkward, ridiculous interviews that Jay and Dan have ever hosted. Watch the whole thing and you’ll probably laugh as loud as they did.

Among the highlights:

●— When McGregor cited his victories over Dustin Poirier, Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo, Diaz called them "scared little women."

● Asked if they were within striking range of each other during the interview, Diaz replied "He’s hiding somewhere." Even McGregor laughed.

●— The last 90 seconds, which were a free-for-all of insults. Diaz called McGregor a "staged rich kid" and said "Rich kids shouldn’t fight ever." McGregor called Diaz a "little twerp" and said his hometown of Stockton, Calif. is "full of snitches." McGregor referred to Diaz as an "injured gazelle" for about the millionth time, and then Diaz scored one last victory for the meatheads, saying "No one knows what gazelle is anyway."

Take a bow, guys.

The most fitting line of the night, however, came from McGregor.

"The talking is done; I’m ready to fight," he said. "This is just bull****."