Champion boxer Maureen Shea: Ronda Rousey would break Floyd Mayweather’s arm

Boxing champ Maureen Shea believes that UFC star Ronda Rousey would break Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s arm, as she's been known to do in the Octagon.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Many notables in the MMA community have wisely picked UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in a hypothetical no-rules fight against boxing pound-for-pound champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. but a boxing champ recently weighed-in and came to the same conclusion as well. Super bantamweight boxing champ Maureen Shea hasn’t lost since 2009 and is a proud representative of the sweet science but she had to admit that Rousey’s MMA skills would just be too varied for Mayweather to deal with in a real fight.

"I got Ronda. She’ll break his arm off," Shea said during a recent Periscope streaming session with future hall of famer Shane Mosley

Furthermore, Shea jokingly offered to help Rousey fight the convicted woman beater. "Shoot, I’d help her," she laughed.

"I’ve got your back, girl. Hey listen — I’ll set it up, I start it off, you can finish it off. I’m all about it."

Shea also expressed respect for the former two-time Olympian Rousey’s athletic abilities and desire to improve. So much so, in fact, that Shea said she believes that if she focused on boxing, the Rowdy One could do well in the sport.

"If you’re asking about Ronda’s boxing abilities, I think given the type of athlete she is, if she gives a significant amount of time training as a boxer, I think she’d be an amazing boxer," Shea said.

"But not right now. She is going to have to train for a period of time. You don’t just walk into my sport and say that I’m going to do what you’re going to do … [But], her athleticism, her desire to win, I respect every ounce of it. And you know, if she gives it the time, and just trains straight-up boxing, I think she would do really well."