The Spider: ‘I no respect Mayweather’

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t have anything good to say about

Anderson Silva, so Silva doesn’t have anything good to say about

him, either.

Why are the two combat sports legends waging verbal war? During

an interview on SiriusXM’s


45, Silva repeatedly tried to deflect questions about boxing’s

current pound-for-pound king until he finally let his words go.

Mayweather talks too much, and his past aim at Silva hit too close

to home. “I no respect Mayweather,” he told DJ Sway Calloway.

Perhaps the heat stems from a July Mayweather interview, during



dismissively said this of Silva: “I don’t know that guy. Tell

me, he’s been at the top for 17 years? Seventeen? Half a decade

more to go, then talk to me.”

As for Silva’s response, judge for yourself.