Nate Diaz slams Tyron Woodley and Georges St-Pierre after recent exchange

BY Damon Martin • November 15, 2016

Don't expect Nate Diaz to text message his next opponent to set up a fight.

Diaz took exception to the recent exchange between welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and former 170-pound king Georges St-Pierre after they sent messages back and forth while trying to play matchmaker to put a fight together.

Woodley released the message on Twitter while trying to state his case for a showdown with St-Pierre later this year, but Diaz says the entire encounter just sours the entire idea behind fighting.

Diaz says thanks to Woodley and St-Pierre showing off what great friends they are behind the scenes, it takes out any potential animosity that could be used to sell the fight.

"I seen Woodley and GSP shaking hands and text messaging 'let's make a fight'. That's boring," Diaz said on the latest episode of "UFC Embedded".

"You just killed the whole thing for our sake. Don’t no one want to see no fight that friends set up. (Expletive) that."

Diaz took it one step further and invited Woodley and St-Pierre to team up for a real fight against opponents who aren't going to send text messages back and forth to try and play matchmaker.

Diaz's older brother Nick just recently came off an 18-month suspension to return to eligibility again and Woodley mentioned the possibility of fighting him already.

Now it seems the younger Diaz is interested in pitting team against team since Woodley and St-Pierre appear to be such good friends and he says that's guaranteed fireworks.

"How about me and my guys versus you and your guys? Now that's entertainment. Let's see that. That's good TV and that's real (expletive)," Diaz said.

In the rest of the episode of "UFC Embedded", Conor McGregor enjoys a healthy dinner and a long bike ride in the final days leading to his fight with Diaz while Anthony Johnson and Glover Teixeira both work on conditioning ahead of their co-main event battle on Saturday night.