Rain drop, drop top, Philadelphia Union have the best new kit drop

BY Aaron West • January 24, 2017

As important as soccer is to the lives of many around the world, sometimes it's good to remember it's just a game. We don't have to take it too seriously. Some of the best marketing is when clubs remember that message, and the Philadelphia Union's latest kit drop is a perfect illustration of it.

The Philadelphia Union just released their 2017 secondary kit, and they had some fun with it.


MTV hasn't played a music video since like 1985, but aside from that, Philly knocked this one out of the park. Migos "Bad and Boujee" is the most popular song running right now, and the Union tapped young star Josh Yaro, captain Maurice Edu and midfield star Ilsinho to do their own tongue-in-cheek music video remake. And it's great.

It's corny, it's funny, and everyone is clearly in on the joke. That's how you bring the people in, and that's exactly how you make it memorable.

Rain drop. Drop top. Philly's marketing team is top notch.

I'll see myself out, thanks.

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