English police concerns over coordinated soccer fan violence

February 3, 2019

LONDON (AP) — Police expressed disappointment Sunday over "coordinated disorder" between Bristol City and Swansea City fans following violent scenes around their second-tier soccer game.

Avon and Somerset Police have accused Swansea's fans of intentionally drinking to excess and provoking Bristol's home supporters on Saturday.

Both sets of fans have been accused of throwing objects at each other inside Ashton Gate before further violence erupted after Bristol's 2-0 win outside the stadium in southwest England.

A German Shepherd police dog needed treatment to a leg injury during a confrontation between both sets of fans, while a policeman was struck in the face by a coin and a mounted officer was pushed into a fence.


"It is very disappointing that a large group of Swansea fans seem to have arrived in Bristol with the intention of drinking to excess and seeking confrontation," Avon and Somerset Police Chief Superintendent Paul Mogg said. "There was disorder within the ground, with objects thrown by each group of supporters. There was further disorder after the match in Ashton Park. Officers deployed with dogs and horses to separate the two groups of fans.

"We've also had reports of damage to at least two pubs. We'll thoroughly investigate these and any other offences disclosed."

Swansea fans had to be escorted by police officers back to their transport following the violence. A man from Swansea was arrested for assaulting another man from Wales, but he was later released without charge.