Seguin gifts abs shot to Sharp for birthday

December 28, 2015

Dallas Stars winger Patrick Sharp found a pretty sweet way to celebrate his first birthday in Dallas on Sunday night.

Sharp, who turned 34 on the evening, scored his 13th goal of the season in Dallas' 3-0 victory over their division rival, the St. Louis Blues.

But, despite being named the number one star of the game on the evening, it wasn't until after the game when Sharp received a gift from one of his teammates.

During the first period, teammate Tyler Seguin received a two-minute penalty for roughing after coming to the aid of Jamie Benn, who was speared during a dead-whistle incident.

While in the penalty box, Seguin raised his shirt, giving the television viewing audience at home a shot of his famous abs.  Of course, social media lit up instantly and, after the game, Seguin sent a picture of the shot to Sharp via Tweet with a special birthday wish.

"Happy 24th birthday broo!!" Seguin tweeted, kindly subtracting 10 years from his new teammates actual age.

Sharp was happy to receive the gift in response...and even happier to lead the Stars to a 9-point advantage over the Blues with Sunday's win.


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