Rex Ryan on Jets player's comment: He's full of s***

April 15, 2015

Rex Ryan was never one to mince words during his time with the Jets.

Last season, his final with the club, he toned down his Super Bowl-or-bust rhetoric as the team spiraled to a 4-12 finish. But it seems like a fresh start with the Bills has rekindled some of old Rex's bluster, especially since one of his former players has taken a shot at him.

Ryan did an interview with Sports Illustrated that touches on a number of topics, specifically how his era with the Jets ended. There's one portion of it that we here at Laces Out found particularly interesting:

Yikes. Ryan made two AFC title game runs in his first two years with the Jets in 2009 and 2010, but after that didn't finish .500 in the following four seasons.


Well, we're looking forward to the Jets and Bills playing twice this year.