John Elway almost snubbed mayor of Jersey City upon arriving for Super Bowl XLVIII

BY foxsports • January 27, 2014

John Elway had a little bit of an awkward moment after he arrived in Jersey City with the Broncos on Sunday.

And it's a funny story.

The Denver Post's Mike Klis has the details:

Finally, after inching through the mob that awaited the Broncos in front of their hotel, the buses stopped and Denver football operations boss John Elway walked out of one.

He was immediately approached by a handsome young man wearing a blue overcoat who somehow managed to fight his way through fans, media, security and state troopers.

"Mr. Elway," the man said. "Would you sign this for me?"

Patrick Smyth, the Broncos' media relations director, quickly took control of the situation.

"Sir," Smyth said. "He has to keep moving. He has to meet the mayor of Jersey City."

The young man smiled.

"I am the mayor of Jersey City," said Steven Fulop, 36, who has been the mayor since he was 28. "I have here a welcoming proclamation on behalf of Jersey City."

Elway apparently had a good laugh after the introduction and took this picture with Fulop:

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