J.J. Watt gets rating boost in 'Madden' ... as a tight end

BY Shawn Ramsey • November 20, 2014

We've seen J.J. Watt's two spectacular touchdown catches this season for the Houston Texans and apparently the people running EA Sports' "Madden" rosters have taken notice as well.

Being one of the best in the league, Watt has a 99 overall rating - out of 100 - as a defensive end, as one would expect. More surprisingly, however, the Texans' star was upgraded to an 86 overall rating as a tight end with the latest "team of the week" update for the popular video game.

To put Watt's "Madden" rating in prospective, the Texans starting tight end Garrett Graham has a 73 overall rating while upper tier tight ends, such as Saints' Jimmy Graham and Patriots' Rob Gronkowski, have a 97 and 98 overall rating, respectively.

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