NHLer becomes chauffeur to help local teen's prom dreams come true

Published Jul. 1, 2015 11:41 a.m. EDT

Every teen tries to find a memorable way to arrive at the school prom, and a Canadian teenager recently took his prom transportation game to an elite level. 

Anthony Rae, a 17-year-old from Nova Scotia, noticed NHLer Zach Sill, a center who played for Toronto and Pittsburgh last season, frequented the gas station in Nova Scotia where Rae works, so Rae decided to ask Sill to be his chauffeur for the big night. 

"I asked him if he’d like to chauffer Jenna Conrad and I up to the prom," Rae told Metro News. "Zach said, ‘You bet – give me a date when prom night is and I’ll drive you.’"

True to his word, Sill showed up on prom night in his black Dodge Laramie to drive Rae and Conrad to prom. While the favor probably did not take up much time out of Sill's day, Rae said the Sill's gesture made his night unforgettable.  


Sill was more nonchalant about the ride.

"It was all good," Sill told Metro News. "Although I didn’t really see it coming that Anthony and Jenna were going to ask me to drive them to the prom, it turned out to be a great occasion. I told them that they could take my truck but Anthony was definitely set on me driving. Everyone remembers their prom night. It was really a great time. I’m glad I could help."

(h/t Metro News)

Photo credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports