Alex Burrows had a busy night getting under the skin of Sabres goalie Robin Lehner

February 13, 2017

Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows is a notorious pest. Buffalo Sabres goalie Robin Lehner is a noted hothead.

On Sunday night, the two met in Buffalo and things got contentious pretty quickly.

During the first period, Burrows mixed it up with Lehner after a confrontation in the crease. The two only had a brief shoving match but it prompted Sabres defenseman Justin Falk to tackle Burrows to the ice. Unfortunately for Buffalo, that earned them an extra two minutes in addition to matching roughing penalties for Burrows and Lehner.

Vancouver scored on the ensuing power play, meaning Burrows earned an unofficial point thanks to provoking Lehner and Falk.

He later added an official point when he scored on Lehner in the second period. Not shockingly, he let the goaltender hear about it as the two engaged in a brief back-and-forth shouting match.

It's somewhat tough to hear what that exchange was, but it sure sounded like Burrows yelled "Hey Lehner, nice save," to which the goalie responded "I'm going to [expletive] kill you!"

Unfortunately for Lehner, his talk didn't seem to slow Burrows down. The winger added another point when he assisted on Michael Chaput's second-period goal.

So, it was a pretty fantastic night for Burrows both as a pest and as a contributor on offense, though he didn't make any friends in the process. Not that that would ever keep him up at night anyway.