Watch Tom Brady pull off a perfect flea flicker for a wide-open touchdown throw

BY Nunzio Ingrassia • January 22, 2017

The New England Patriots are known for being pretty conservative on offense, but from time to time they will pull off a little razzle-dazzle. The Pittsburgh Steelers got a firsthand look at the latter Sunday in the AFC Championship game.

With 7:53 left in the second quarter, Tom Brady handed the ball to running back Dion Lewis on what appeared to be a basic run on first-and-10. But as Lewis approached the line of scrimmage, he stopped and pitched the ball back to Brady, who scanned the field and found a wide-open Chris Hogan.

Hogan hauled it in for a 34-yard strike that gave the Patriots a 17-6 lead.

After the play, Brady went 15-of-19 for 209 yards with two touchdowns – both to Hogan. Brady had a ton of time to throw his first touchdown of the day.


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