Ryan Fitzpatrick reveals bet he lost that cost him his hair

BY Andre Vergara • November 15, 2016

Ryan Fitzpatrick showed up at the New York Jets' practice on Wednesday without his glorious hair, and wouldn't say why he'd cut it all off. Teammate Eric Decker said he'd lost a bet, but wouldn't reveal what it was.

On Thursday, however, Fitzpatrick went on the "Boomer & Carton Show" on 101.9 WFAN and explained that he'd challenged his defense to pick him off in practice, and whoever did it first would get to buzz cut his "stupid" hair.

Turns out the honor went to rookie cornerback Juston Burris, whose first pick as a pro was a memorable one — as was his first barber job as a Jet.

"It was terrible, terrible. Bad," a smiling Burris said of the haircut. "He had to go back over it. He had to do his own thing. I'm not good with clippers."

Burris said Fitzpatrick's teammates on offense were mad that a rookie was cutting their QB's hair.

"But, a bet is a bet," he said.

And Fitzpatrick still has his beard, Burris pointed out.

"He's got a nice beard. Yeah, I like the beard. He has a cool beard."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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