Russell Wilson didn't Google his love note to Ciara

BY foxsports • January 28, 2016

Laugh at Russell Wilson all you want. He doesn't care.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback got some media attention on Thursday when some enterprising journalists discovered that a love note Wilson sent to girlfriend Ciara on social media was most likely lifted from something he found from a search engine.

Here was the message in question:

And it was pointed out that:

And people laughed and laughed. But do you think Wilson cares? Heck no. He's too much in love. Check this out:

See? He didn't use Google. And it would make sense that he would use Bing because ...

But he wasn't done. Wilson took it up a notch:

Oh, lord! By the way, there's a song by the band Weezer called "Da Vinci" and one lyric says:

"Rosetta Stone could not translate you." Coincidence?

But Russell still wasn't done. And he's building on his Rosetta Stone reference.

Good for you, Russell. Be in love. And lift from whomever you want. You're not turning in a physics paper. There's no need to cite a source. Let the haters do their thing. They're the ones probably crying into a bowl of soup at night.