Report: NFL asked police to watch Roger Goodell's home in Maine after Brady ruling

BY foxsports • July 29, 2015

The NFL is not messing around when it comes to the Tom Brady ruling, specifically with regards to protecting commissioner Roger Goodell. As you can imagine, a lot of Patriots fans in New England -- and around the country -- are not happy with the upholding of Brady's suspension. The NFL is well aware of this.

They've even gone so far as asking local police in Scarborough, Maine, to keep an eye on Goodell's home.

"They did reach out and let us know about the decision and that it might not be popular," Scarborough Police Chief Robbie Moulton said to the Portland Press Herald. "We’re aware of the situation and will be patrolling the area, certainly."

This apparently isn't the first time the police have been asked to watch over Goodell's home, either. With the passion that NFL fans have, it's easy to understand the concern over threats being expressed toward the commissioner. 

"In the past, when there have been unpopular decisions, there have been emails and things," Moulton said. "I wouldn’t say it rose to the level of threats, but certainly expressing unhappiness."

(h/t Portland Press Herald)

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