Kurt Warner names four former teammates he wants to see make the HOF

February 14, 2017

Less than a month after being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, former quarterback Kurt Warner has a pretty good idea which of his former teammates should join him in Canton, Ohio, someday.

Asked by PFT Live to name one teammate he’d like to see make the Hall, the two-time MVP adjusted the parameters of the question and revealed four players he believes should be enshrined.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that they are all receivers.

“That’s one of those tough questions,” Warner said. “It’s like picking your favorite kid, you know, because I’ve got four guys that I believe all belong in the Hall of Fame when it comes to receivers that I played with: Isaac Bruce, Larry Fitzgerald, Torry Holt, Anquan Boldin.”

Warner believes Fitzgerald is “a lock” to get in but doesn’t understand how Bruce hasn’t heard his name called yet.

“He taught me so much about being a pro and those Greatest Show on Turf years were really started by the way he prepared and practiced every day and pulled so many of us along,” Warner said.

Though Warner is confident Bruce and Holt eventually will make it, he feels Boldin doesn’t get the respect that he deserves.

“I might bang the table for Anquan Boldin because I think of all those guys he gets the least respect for how great he is,” Warner said. “… Competed more than anybody I ever played against. Wanted the ball in his hands. Was a difference maker.”