Joe Flacco, Ravens owner disagree on whether his knee injury affected his game

BY Cameron DaSilva • January 19, 2017

For the second straight year, the Baltimore Ravens missed out on the playoffs. This time, it wasn’t the direct result of a rash of injuries. It was merely a case of the Ravens not playing very well and underachieving once again.

Joe Flacco was especially bad, and he’ll be the first to admit that. Coming off of a significant knee injury, Flacco struggled mightily and looked hesitant to push the ball downfield. Owner Steve Biscotti believes the knee injury had something to do with that.

“The recovery from what everybody else says that they are not back completely, did that mess with his mind? Did that mess with his timing, his accuracy?” Bisciotti said, via the team’s official site. “I think it did.”

“I don’t think it had an effect on me this year,” he said.

So, who’s right and who’s wrong? Well, one would assume Flacco knows his body better than anyone else, but that doesn’t mean he’s telling the complete truth when it comes to his knee.

After all, he did admit that his knee probably isn’t fully healed, saying this offseason will help in that regard.

“When you are only seven or eight months out of an injury, no matter what it is, there is going to be a growing process for it,” Flacco said. “This offseason will definitely help with that.”

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