Jets should acquire Tyrod Taylor if released

BY Fansided and Samuel Sutton/FanSided via The Jet Press • December 30, 2016

There have been rumors about the Buffalo Bills cutting Tyrod Taylor heading into the offseason. If this happens, the New York Jets should acquire him in the grand scheme of things.

There has been some speculation about the Buffalo Bills cutting their mobile starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor. He has played two years for the Bills and has done pretty well. If the Bills do end up cutting him, the New York Jets should definitely consider picking him up.

In his two years with Buffalo, he has definitely proven his worth. He’s thrown for 6,058 yards, 37 touchdowns, and only 12 interceptions. Not only can he throw, but he can run, and very well. He’s been able to run for 1,148 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Another great feature is his toughness. He is a scrambling quarterback, and scrambling quarterbacks of his size (6-0, 221 lbs) usually break pretty quickly, but not him. In his two years as a starter, he has played 29 of his 32 games, missing only two with an MCL sprain.

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    With these stats and features, he has the potential to be a premier franchise quarterback. To be honest, the Bills shouldn’t even consider cutting him, let alone bench him. However, if they do cut him, the Jets would be wise in signing him.

    If the Jets were to work with Taylor, build an offensive line around him, and be patient with him, there would be no problems. Taylor would easily become the face of the franchise, and he would probably be able to give the Jets multiple playoff appearances. The team could switch to a run-n-gun type offense, and use him alongside running back, Bilal Powell. Having these two speedsters in the backfield, as well as an offensive line, nobody would be able to stop them.

    Some people may think the Jets should stick with either their one year quarterback, Bryce Petty, veteran quarterback, Geno Smith, or rookie quarterback, Christian Hackenberg. Other than Hackenberg, all of these quarterbacks have pretty much run their course in New York. They’ve shown what they can do under poor conditions (which may not get better any time soon), and what they’ve shown hasn’t proven to be successful. Hackenberg should get a chance to compete with Taylor or any other quarterback they get next year, but they definitely should get another option.

    The rumors about his release are spreading like wildfire, and if that happened, it would be great for New York. However, the Bills have him under contract for at least another four years. If they were to keep him and start working more with him, these rumors would cease immediately.

    With that said, this could still happen. If it does, the Jets should have no hesitation in signing him. They would get a shifty man with a strong arm who is in the middle of his prime. If they worked with him and built the team around him, the Jets would be almost unstoppable.

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