Is a better offense on horizon for Jets in 2017?

BY Fansided and Michael Pallas/FanSided via The Jet Press • December 16, 2016

The New York Jets went into this season with some expectations of possibly competing for the playoffs.  However, it became painfully obvious early, that not only would they not, but their season was destined for the top of the draft.

The New York Jets held on to the notion that Ryan Fitzpatrick was the quarterback who gave them the best chance to win.  Eventually, they realized he wasn’t.

They would cling to the notion that they could still make the playoffs, even though it was realistically not plausible, and insert Geno Smith.  When Smith was injured they went back to Fitzpatrick.  When that failed they went to Bryce Petty.

Petty has been inconsistent in his first three games, but he showed some grit to make a comeback against San Francisco.  The Jets got big production from Robby Anderson in the passing game and Bilal Powell on the ground.

In addition, Petty spread the ball around to seven different receivers with six of them catching multiple passes.  Why was this offense so effective?

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    There’s one element there with Anderson and Petty that wasn’t there with possession receivers and Fitzpatrick’s average arm.  The Jets now have the ability to take the top off of defenses.

    Petty’s arm strength also helps three other facets of the offense: short passes, intermediate passes, and the run.  Defenses can no longer stack the box to keep short and intermediate passes in front of them and help keep a balance on offense with the ability to consistently run the football.

    Petty is still raw and has a lot to learn, but he has the requisite skills to make it in the NFL.  The Jets just need to give him the right pieces to build around.

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