Donald Trump on 'The Herd': The complete library of sound bites

November 2, 2015

It was an historic day for "The Herd" on Monday, as Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump called in for a lengthy interview with host Colin Cowherd.

The duo covered everything from the brilliance of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to the threat of ISIS to who might be Trump's running mate.

We've presented all the clips we have below for your listening/viewing pleasure. The full interview in its entirety is at the top of the page. Enjoy.

On his friendship with and admiration of Tom Brady:


Highlight quote: "Tom is one of those few people that ends up doing better under pressure. ... You're born with it. You can't teach it."

On his stance on daily fantasy sports and gambling:

Highlight quote: "I'm OK with it because it's happening anyway. You know, whether you have it or you don't have it, you have it."

On why he's running for President:

Highlight quote: "It's not good for business. ... But I just felt, I've seen so many things go so bad. ... And I just looked it and I said, 'I'm going to do it.'"

On how maybe we're being a little too hard on Barack Obama ... right?

Highlight quote: "Obama made a big mistake. We shouldn't have gone in (to Iraq), but he should've never pulled (the troops) out the way he did."

On his opponents in the Republican race:

Highlight quote: "We need very strong people because our country is being taken away like candy from a baby. It's like candy from a baby. That's what's happening to our country. We need strong people. We need the Tom Brady of negotiators."

On whether he would hire any of his opponents in Republican race:

Highlight quote: "A percentage of them, but not all of them. I'm not impressed with all of them. ... But you have some very smart people up there."

On whether he thinks he gets too much coverage in the media:

Highlight quote: "The fact is it's all about ratings. Whether we like it or not, it's all about ratings." 

On his Twitter feud with HBO show host John Oliver:

Highlight quote: "I say, 'Hey, look, you asked me to be on the show, I said no.' Then he goes out and he goes, 'I wouldn't want him on the show.' Well, that's just a lie."

On American trade imbalances:

Highlight quote: "It's frankly amazing that we even exist, if you look at all these numbers."

On when was the last time someone said no to Donald Trump:

Highlight quote: "Well, I mean, it doesn't happen often."

On whom he might choose for a running mate: