Cincinnati Bengals: Lose for Draft Picks or Win for Pride

BY Fansided and Matthew Willson/FanSided via Stripe Hype • December 16, 2016

The Cincinnati Bengals are not out of the Playoff picture yet. However, they face a difficult task with running the table and having their competition lose out. With their playoff hopes dwindling, is it time to think draft picks, or is salvaging every possible win still important?

The Cincinnati Bengals are 5-7-1 and sit only one loss or one Pittsburgh Steelers win away from being eliminated from playoff contention. The likelyhood of the Bengals making the playoffs is less than 1%, but with the Steelers, Ravens, and Texans still left, the Bengals still hold a little bit of control in their playoff destiny but it might be time to look past this season.

The Bengals still could finish with a 8-7-1 record, keeping their winning season streak alive. However, doing that could take them from a potential top 10 pick, to a 15th to 20th spot in the 2017 draft. It could also mean losing out on guys like Jabrill Peppers and Ruben Foster. The difference between those guys and Zach Cunningham or Tim Williams is a giant leap.

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    However, losing for draft pick reasons not only is dumb, but irresponsible by any organization in any sport to it’s fans. The Bengals are 2-2 in division play and and have a chance, if nothing else, to play spoiler for both divisional rivals. Although it would be terrible to see the Bengals miss the playoffs, for them to go 4-2 in division play would be a great start to looking at next season.

    The Bengals also have another thing they can do if they win out. They can set themselves up for drawing solid players and keeping key players in free agency. We know from Karlos Dansby that players want a chance to win and get to the Super Bowl. If the Bengals continue to look one or two players away, they could potentially draw a veteran player or get a discount for their own player.

    The Cincinnati Bengals have looked like a different team the past two weeks. In fact, minus the offensive line, this team has been a reminder of last year’s team at the end with missing a key piece, but everyone stepping up. If they can get A.J. Green healthy again and get the offensive line protecting Dalton, the Bengals could be ready fro next season.

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