Brian Urlacher wishes Cam Newton were more like Peyton Manning

BY foxsports • January 28, 2016

Brian Urlacher is not a fan of dancing quarterbacks, and Cam Newton’s touchdown and first-down celebrations rub him the wrong way.

Instead of dancing, Urlacher would much prefer Newton take a page out of Peyton Manning’s book:

“I played defense so I don’t like when guys celebrate with dances and stuff,” he said, via Mina Mandell of USA Today Sports. “You know who I like the way he celebrates is Peyton. He kind of gives the guy a handshake and goes back to the sidelines. I think that’s a great celebration right there,” he said. “You don’t see him dancing. You don’t see him doing all of that stuff. Even when he gets a first down he doesn’t do anything.”

Clearly, Urlacher is from the old school.

The new school defenders are doing plenty of dancing after their own big plays, so they have no room to talk when they’re on the losing side of it. Guys like Von Miller and J.J. Watt match what Newton does on a weekly basis, and that’s becoming the new normal in the NFL these days.

Given the amount of “letters to the editor” and other silly ploys to slam him Newton has generated, it’s clear Urlacher isn’t alone in wishing Cam was more like Manning. That said, nobody should hold their breath waiting for him to change. He’s just being himself, and most of us like it that way.

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