49ers Offseason: One more game until the Moment of Truth

BY Fansided and Douglas Totten/FanSided via Niner Noise • December 28, 2016

After a tumultuous 2-13 (so far) season, the San Francisco 49ers are but one game away from the moment of truth surrounding many aspects of the 49ers organization. Will GM Trent Baalke return? What about head coach Chip Kelly? Will Colin Kaepernick return to the 49ers? These and so many more questions will soon be answered.

The San Francisco 49ers have but one more game until the offseason — and the truth — can emerge. Will the 49ers finally part ways with general manager Trent Baalke like many wished would happen even before Jim Harbaugh was run out of town? If the 49ers do replace Baalke, what will become of the 49ers head coach situation? Will Chip Kelly continue to patrol the sidelines with his forlorn look of despair?

The questions don’t end with the front office and the coaching staff — coordinators should also be on guard for a quick firing at the end of the season. Colin Kaepernick has stated a desire to opt out of his contract this offseason. Will he actually follow through with that intention? If so, will he return to the 49ers or think that the grass is greener somewhere else? (And no, this is not a statement about California’s water situation.)

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    With so many unanswered questions, the answers — whatever they may be — will come as some sort of comfort. Fortunately, the 49ers will need to begins answering questions soon.

    Typically head coaches, if they are fired, are fired within the first 24-48 hours after the final game of the year. The 49ers situation may be a bit different, as the new GM — if they get one — may have some say in who the 49ers new coach will be or if they should stick with Kelly. The answer to the GM position, however, should at least come quickly. Jed York has some work to do.

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